Polskie Ratownictwo Okrętowe sp. z o. o. is offering services of modern, specialized multi-purpose tugboats of the AHTS type – Anchor Handling Tug Supply. The Company is the Shipowner of a self-propelled floating crane with a cargo deck and a maximum lifting capacity of 330 tons.

For over 70 years we have been providing towing services of various types of objects on long sea and ocean routes.

For over 30 years we have been building our position on the international offshore markets, servicing marine fuel and mining installations and building wind farms projects. Providing services with a specialized fleet, we perform positioning of drilling rigs, transport of cargo and specialist personnel, servicing project cargo barges, servicing marine fuel terminals, tankers, wind farms.

Using the floating crane MAJA we provide specialized services for lifting heavy cargos weighing up to 330 tons in all ports of the Baltic Sea. We also offer rental of our crane for sea transport of heavy cargoes on board between the ports of the Baltic Sea.

Maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety we successfully work for the largest mining, fuel, installation, shipbuilding and research concerns from around the world.